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Piper | Avalanche Dog | Cascade Mountain Rescue Dogs


After beginning with her CMRD training at 6-months-old, Piper recently became B.A.R.K. certified in the Spring of 2018. As a 4-year old Border Collie with a ton of personality, she is always happy to learn new skills. She has attended two avalanche dogs schools and been part of search and rescue operations near Mt. Baker.

Primary Handler: Sara Cohen

Darwin | Avalanche Dog | Cascade Mountain Rescu Dogs


Darwin is a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever who is B.A.R.K. certified and loves to play fetch, swim, or just snuggle on the couch. As a smaller group of working dogs, Tollers offer a great combination of size, hardiness in harsh weather, and drive to perform a job. He has attended two avalanche dog schools and been spotted in multiple magazines due to his photogenic skills.

Primary Handler: Kim Haft

Kala | Avalanche Dog | Cascade Mountai Rescue Dogs


A 10-year old Chocolate Labrador, Kala is currently the oldest dog working full-time at Crystal. She is B.A.R.K certified and has responded to numerous incidents both at Crystal and around Washington State. When not catching a quick nap in the sun, you can find Kala bounding through some powder or playing with her best buddy, Ari, a recently retired CMRD member. 

Primary Handler: Bud Stevens



As the newest addition to the team in the Spring of 2018, Iggy came to us through a strong line of working dogs in Canada. Puppies from the same breeder can be found working as avalanche rescue dogs in both Canada and the US. Iggy will be attending her first avalanche dog school this winter and is off to a great start with career as a working dog.

Primary Handler: Charlie Stewart